Clinical Advantage

Harnessing the size, reach, and collective passion of our nationwide clinical experts, we create a collaborative environment where team members translate current research into unsurpassed clinical care.

Clinical Research

Through landmark research studies, the Hanger Institute for Clinical Research and Education—in partnership with leading researchers and professionals—is building the body of evidence necessary to demonstrate the value of O&P care and reinforce our commitment to our patients, payors, care teams, and partners.

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Clinical Affairs

The Clinical Affairs arm of the Hanger Institute for Clinical Research and Education ensures the most salient research findings are translated and integrated into our individual clinics where they can be considered alongside clinical experience and patient values.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical decisions, rules of operation at hospitals and clinics, and health spending by governments and insurers are all influenced by guidelines. The goal of our Clinical Practice Guidelines is to provide clinicians with evidence-based recommendations related to a specific pathology or episode of care, so we can deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Clinical Outcomes

Our nationwide collection of validated clinical outcomes across a spectrum of patient populations helps us document, monitor, and communicate the well-being of individual patients. The aggregation of these outcomes then allows us to advocate for the needs of larger patient populations.

Clinical Education

From the careful selection and mentoring of our newest clinicians, to the continued education of our most experienced specialists, we are dedicated to a culture of maintaining the highest level of clinical competencies with both established and developing techniques and resources.

Clinician Autonomy

Our clinicians have the freedom to choose which product best suits their patient’s needs. And, as the largest buyer and distributor of O&P products, we have access to the resources our clinicians require to improve patient outcomes.