Hanger Ventures

Igniting Clinical and Technical Innovation in O&P

Innovation is critical for the millions of people who rely on custom orthotic and prosthetic solutions to enjoy life fully. Fueled by our purpose of empowering human potential together, Hanger Ventures invests in entrepreneurs and small businesses that ignite clinical and technical advances in orthotics and prosthetics. By prioritizing innovation, together we can achieve better patient outcomes, enrich the patient experience, and enhance interdisciplinary healthcare partnerships worldwide. Only at Hanger exists the nationwide network, clinical expertise, and R&D capabilities to deliver evidence-based research that can support the commercialization of emerging solutions. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with people who share our passion for empowering human potential and invest in opportunities to ignite and accelerate innovative O&P healthcare solutions to provide more patients access to life-changing care and better outcomes.

Our Focus 

With a commitment to investing in the future of O&P healthcare, Hanger Ventures invests in entrepreneurs and small businesses that focus on developing innovative clinical and technical solutions for: 

  • Patients living with limb loss, limb difference, metabolic disease, vascular and neuromuscular conditions, skeletal anomalies, and traumatic injury.
  • The O&P community and healthcare partners that collaborate to deliver evidenced-based O&P care.

Our Difference  

As part of Hanger Ventures, partners have access to resources typically not accessible to entrepreneurs and small businesses, from incubation to commercialization. Our extensive expertise and organizational ecosystem unlock opportunities, drive growth, and create patient-centered solutions.  

Extensive Expertise

For over 160 years, Hanger has been at the forefront of orthotic and prosthetic clinical excellence and innovation. With 6,000 team members, we have an extensive group of experts who find new ways to return personal independence to those with physical challenges.

Organizational Ecosystem

Our organizational ecosystem provides a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and value creation through our interconnected network of entities that provide products, services, patient care, and clinical research.

Our Leadership 

Our leadership team and investment committee consists of members that have extensive experience in the O&P profession, innovative investments, and organizational transformation. The team includes:

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